Världsbankschefen om ebola och klimatförändringar

Foto: World Economic Forum

På Världsbankens årsmöte tidigare i oktober jämförde Jim Yong Kim ebola med klimatförändringar.

Jim Yong Kim, som har en bakgrund som infektionsläkare, sa i sitt tal att:

Ebola and climate change have a few things in common. Most importantly, we are running out of time to find solutions to both. Also, until very recently, the plans to fight them were either non-existent or inadequate. And, inaction is literally killing people – one because of the rapid spread of a deadly virus, the other from the poisoning of the atmosphere and the oceans. And finally, perhaps most critically from our point of view, resolving these problems is essential to development, whether from the perspective of human suffering, economic growth, or public health.

Hela talet kan läsas här.

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