Greenpeace International får nya chefer

Foto: Greenpeace

Bunny McDiarmid och Jennifer Morgan ska dela på ledarskapet i den internationella miljöorganisationen. 

Sydafrikanen Kumi Naidoo tog 2009 över som Greenpeace internationella generalsekreterare. Förra året meddelade han att han tänkte lämna sin post, och i veckan stod det klart att det blir två kvinnor som tar över, en från Nya Zeeland och en från USA.

Greenpeace International has today named not only its first female International Executive Director, but two. Bunny McDiarmid and Jennifer Morgan will take up the reins in an innovative co-leadership role on 4 April 2016.

Bunny is a 30-year veteran of the organisation as an activist, ship’s crewmember, and most recently the executive director of Greenpeace New Zealand which, under her leadership, became a powerhouse of innovation in the Greenpeace world. Bunny has walked the decks of nearly every Greenpeace ship. Jennifer has walked the corridors of power. As Global Director of the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute she’s dealt with heads of state and CEOs. She’s been a leader of large teams at major organisations, a climate activist, and a constant innovator. Her other ports of call have included the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Climate Action Network, and E3G.

I ett tackbrev till organisationen skriver Kumi Naidoo bland annat:

I came to Greenpeace wanting to break the dichotomy between the environment and development. I knew, rationally, that there is a link between addressing poverty and human rights and addressing environmental injustice and climate injustice. But my time with Greenpeace drove this awareness deeper into my heart. Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. From the woman who can no longer fish the African coasts for her family because European factory trawlers have emptied her seas, to the child in India choking on ash and coal dust in a village pillaged by the coal industry, to the infant breathing in toxic fumes in an electronic waste dump in China while his mother sets fire to a circuit board to scavenge components, to the devastated family living in a cardboard box after their home was destroyed by typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines: the people who pay the highest price for overconsumption and pollution are those who see the least benefit.

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