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    Almedalsveckan – Sustainable recruitment – how can we make invisible competence more visible?

    Startdatum: 2121-07-07

    Slutdatum: 2121-07-07

    Tid: 14:00:00 - 15:00:00

    Host: Lund University

    Can we in any way improve the working methods with international recruitment and make it more sustainable? Can we improve the conditions for the accompanying partner to enter the Swedish labor market? How do we make the invisible competence more visible?
    Today most businesses recruit on local time-limited or permanent agreements and no longer offer the same form of support to get settled into the new country. This means that if the candidate does not thrive in Sweden nor the accompanying family members, there is an imminent risk that the employment will end prematurely. Thus, leading to a costly process which has to start all over again.
    There was a time when a person was hired and his spouse / partner was content with staying at home and taking care of the family. However, those times are long gone. Today, both the international recruitment and the partner are often both well-educated and in the middle of their respective careers. As a result, you have a visible and an invisible competence which in a sense is not in focus at the time of recruitment. Therefore, this invisible competence goes unnoticed and in turn unbenefited from.
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