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Massaktion Stockholm

Typ: Aktionshelg

Startdatum: tor 27 aug 2020

Slutdatum: sön 30 aug 2020

Plats: Stockholm

Extinction Rebellion

The Climate and Ecological Emergency is here, and to avoid the most disastrous consequences, our government must act right now with its full capacity. However, it doesn’t. Sweden is not even close to fulfilling it obligations under the Paris Agreement. And so neither is a safe future where food, shelter and good health are available for everyone. It’s obvious that we can’t limit the Climate and Ecological Emergency within the political and economic system of today.

This is why we will gather in Stockholm 28-30 August and demand system change. Together, we will demand that our decisionmakers secure a safe future, for us, our children, and everything that’s alive. Because the only hope that’s left comes from people like you, who have realized the absurdity of the situation and have decided to act. The action will consist of several artistic, corona-safe blockades, with several different risk levels and messages. You participate within your own ability.

We collaborate with the network “Stoppa Preemraff”, which consists of several climate – and environmental movements. During the mass action, we will highlight the issue of Preemraff’s expansion in Lysekil. The expansion needs to be stopped, if we
are going to have a chance at fulfilling our obligations under the Paris agreement.

We gather at 8 pm at Gärdet in Stockholm on Thursday August 27, for action training and affinity group formations.

Sign up for the event here: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/stockholm-mass-action

Could police liason be a role for you this action? We have expereienced people guiding and leading, but we need many more police liasons; an essential key role for the communication between police and activists! You can state your interest at the site, but also in forgand contact @pontus at Mattermost. If you don’t have Mattermost we’ll figure it out here!

See you there!

Love and rage

XR Sweden


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