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    Startdatum: 2020-05-13

    Slutdatum: 2020-05-15

    Tid: 00:00:00 - 23:59:59

    World Climate Civility Day is a day to show kindness, courtesy, politeness and honesty to environmental debates

    About this Event

    World Climate Civility Day Conference

    It is entirely our honor to extend an invitation to you to the launch of World Climate Civility Day, a conference to be held on May 13-15, 2020 at the ABF Stockholm Conference Center. The UNFCCC Accredited Observers of OPAD in partnership with official bodies throughout the world are bringing this conference to Stockholm Sweden.

    The launch of this initiative will be in answer to the dire need for open dialogue on climate change mitigation. The discourse will be grassroots, official and educational. The focus will be on a program that brings out the need for civility in the environmental discussion.

    Bringing diplomacy, to the world conference on climate civility will simply put, have a measurable impact. Those in the diplomatic corps, who bring this message to the organizations, institutions, and communities around the world will be the progenitors of change. Be a part of the initiative, and bring your great ability and aplomb to the civil conversations happening right now.

    The theme of the conference will be Civility Creates Change, with a main sub-theme of Hear, and Be Heard. The intent is, while providing a strong research-based educational component to attendees, it will also be an open forum, to anyone with an opinion, question, or thought on the issues of climate and environment. Those with differing opinions will be encouraged to attend and speak, or chat, email or call in.

    The time is now, to bring climate change mitigation objectives to the forefront of the world conversation. World Climate Civility Day, building on World Civility Day offers a results-orientated platform that has yet to be taken advantage of in a way that causes change.

    The final program schedule will be shared with you, once it is finalized. Please do note, acceptance of this invitation deadline is 28/02/2020

    We hope you will join us, in whatever way you can, to create a world free of extremes, in weather and diplomacy.

    I remain, sincerely yours

    Dr. Clyde Rivers,

    Acting Ambassador to the United Nations,

    OPAD Civility and Honor Program.

    Länk: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-climate-civility-day-conference-registration-93112194079?aff=ebdshpfprimarybucket


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